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What is 'Egalite'?

The term egalite - French for equality - is used to describe a type of side bet that is found in the popular game of baccarat. An egalite bet only comes into play if a game ends in a specific tie. If, for example, a baccarat game should end with a score of 7-7, then an egalite bet could be wagered. Although egalite bets are a common bet in baccarat, they are only generally found in casinos in the UK.

'Egalite' Explained

Once the game has ended in a tie, players can place an egalite side wager, they do this by placing their side bet on the egalite section of the table. More recently, the popularity of the egalite bet has spawned 'Ur Way Egalite' which allows players to places multiple side bets, with the aim of making it more exciting than a traditional egalite side bet. Aside from the added excitement, 'Ur Way Egalite' offers baccarat players bigger payouts than the regular game.It works by dividing every egalite bet into a different score, so that when the player places the bet, they are not only betting on their hand, but the banker's hand as well. The player ends up winning if their hand ends up having the same score as the banker's hand, as long as they bet on that exact score. If the player manages to win, they'll win a payout in line with the paytable.In baccarat, the casino has an advantage (house edge) and this is no different with egalite bets. In both egalite and Ur Way Egalite, players can expect to be going up against a house edge that will range from 10.97% to 27.39%. That means they are going to have to overcome a significant advantage in favor of the casino if they are going to come out on top.The house edge is tempered by the fact that egalite bets can net the player a big payout, in some casinos the payout will result in a 40 to 1 payout with extreme versions of the bet giving them a payout of 200 to 1.Whether or not a player decides to place an egalite bet will come down to their strategy, while some gamblers believe that it represents an unnecessary risk, others believe that the potential payouts are worth the risk.