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What is an 'e-Wallet'?

'e-wallet' is a common term used to describe a digital wallet. Digital wallets are electronic devices or programs which store an individual's card and bank numbers, allowing them to make online purchases and even physical transactions without carrying cards and cash. Casino gamblers might prefer to use an e-wallet when playing online or when visiting their local casino. e-wallets might be held on smartphone or tablet devices, and can also be a standalone handheld device. e-wallets are usually accompanied by software which securely manages payment details and account information.

The 'e-Wallet' Explained

Security awareness is crucial in the digital age, and e-wallets are one way of reducing loss and theft risks. They allow an individual to link and store all of their bank accounts, credit cards and payment merchant accounts in one place, while protecting those details with secure encryption technology and password protection. Digital wallets can also provide a form of identification for the holder - they store all personal ID information and can send it to any merchant or service provider on request. e-wallets are growing in popularity and an estimated one-third of the national population now uses some form of e-wallet software or device.In casino gaming, e-wallets are very popular with online and offline players at all levels. They provide a safe and fast way to access personal funds and can be linked with gaming accounts so that regular deposits can be made as needed. Digital wallets can provide the information needed to establish a line of credit at a casino so that players can play cash-free and improve their personal security. When making online transactions, e-wallets protect against fraud and keep payment information private. They can also bypass form-filling and ID verification processes online, so players can start their games sooner without complicated signing up and payment pages.