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Dual Forecast

What is a 'Dual Forecast'?

Also known as a quinella or a reverse forecast, a dual forecast is a bet where you predict the first two places in a market in any order. Take a horse race for example. If you combine Horse A and Horse B into a dual forecast, your bet will win if they finish first and second, no matter which of them actually wins the race.

'Dual Forecast' Explained

If you want to win big from your dual forecast betting there are a couple of important things to note. Firstly, the bigger the number of selections in the market, the more you stand to win. Dual forecast bets can only be struck on events with three or more selections but as the number of runners increases, so do your odds.The second important thing about dual forecasts is that you are effectively placing two bets. In our horse racing example from above, you are placing a straight forecast bet with your bookmaker on Horse A to win and Horse B to finish second and another on Horse B to win and Horse A to finish second.This is reflected in your stake - a £10 dual forecast bet on a horse race will actually cost you £20. Make sure to bear that in mind when calculating any profit you stand to win.As hinted above, dual forecasts are very popular amongst horse racing punters. Not only does a dual forecast allow you to win at bigger odds than simply backing the race winner, but it is also a good way to make the most of races made up of small fields.Additionally, dual forecasts are popular in greyhound racing and motor racing as bettors can make extra profit from their expert knowledge.It’s not just races, though. With high-quality tournaments taking place almost every week on the PGA and European Tours, you can win very handsomely by placing dual forecasts on the golf and on other sports and markets.If you are very shrewd, you can also take advantage of dual forecast betting on outright markets. Know your football? Why not place a dual forecast on who will finish in the top two of the Premier League? Rugby union buff? You can back the top two in any order in the Premiership for a big return.Dual forecast bets really are an excellent string to the bow of your sports betting if you know how to utilize them.