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Double Pitch

What is ‘Double Pitch’?

In craps, 'double pitch' is a term which describes both dice spinning through separate events during an attempt at dice control, with one overtaking the other and making too many turns. Double pitch throws are often caused by the shooter's fault, though the table can play a part too. The double pitch problem not only blows a dice control attempt, but also any bets which were relying on its success.

‘Double Pitch’ Explained

Dice control is a method used by some craps players to try and gain an advantage over the game. The dice are thrown in a particular way which adheres to the casino's rules, but which is set by the player to make a certain outcome more likely. All dice are weighted equally so the actual benefits of dice control are debated, but it is a popular strategy nonetheless and many craps tutorials will recommend some dice control practice for all players. Understanding the art of the roll can give players a feel for the numbers which will be rolled, so it can improve predictions and wagers even if the control technique is not used in live play.'Double pitch' refers to a problem in dice control throws which results in over-throwing one of the dice. The aim of dice control is to have both dice spin together and land together, but a double pitch roll causes one dice to jump two whole faces ahead of the other. It is usually caused by an error in the player's throw, and can therefore only be stopped by practice and a little luck. To prevent double pitching, the dice must be released together. Striking the wall or table at the wrong angle can also cause a double pitch, though this is much harder to avoid as the wall hit is mandatory in almost all casinos.