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Double Inside Straight Flush

What is a Double Inside Straight Flush

A double inside straight flush is a set of three cards in a poker hand which, if the draw falls right, will make a straight flush for the player. There are two elements needed to complete a double inside straight flush. An example is a hand containing 5♣-7♣-9♣. The players needs to find the 6♣ and the 8♣ to complete the straight flush. A double inside straight flush is a hard hand to complete, requiring two specific cards to be found in a single two-card draw.

Double Inside Straight Flush Explained

In poker, a 'straight' is a consecutive run of cards, such as 2-3-4-5-6 or 10-J-Q-K-A. A flush is a set of cards which all share a common suit, for example 2♥-5♥-7♥-8♥-K♥. A 'straight flush' combines these two elements, and is one of the highest ranked hands in poker. The royal flush - a straight flush of the highest cards - is usually the only hand in a game that cannot be beaten.In draw games, players might talk about holding 'inside straights' or 'outside straights'. These are incomplete hands where the player holds some parts of a straight run, but not all. The inside/outside refers to whether the missing cards are at the end of the run or in the middle. 3-4-5-6 is an outside straight, which could be completed by a 2 or a 7, while 3-4-6-7 is an inside straight, which can only be completed by a 5.An 'inside straight flush' is a hand where the elements of the inside straight all share a suit. For example, 3♦-4♦-6♦-7♦ could be completed by any five to make the straight, but only the five of diamonds will make the straight flush.A double inside straight flush is a three-card hand, rather than a four card hand, which has two elements of the straight flush missing. 4♠-6♠-8♠ is a double inside straight flush: it needs the 5 and the 7 of spades to become a completed straight flush hand.Want to get good at poker? Here's our guide to get you started.
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