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Double Carpet (odds)

What is 'Double Carpet'?

Double carpet is a slang term used in casino, meaning odds of 33/1. It's an example of the various terms that were once used by tic tac men and women at racecourses and greyhound tracks, mainly in the United Kingdom. These people are rarely seen at events nowadays, but many of the terms they once used are still used by those who spend time in the gaming community.

'Double Carpet' Explained

If a horse or greyhound is priced at 33/1, it's sometimes referred to as being at double carpet. This means a winning bet will return 33 times the original stake, plus the stake itself. For example, if you place a bet of £10 at double carpet and your selection wins, you will receive £330 in winnings plus the original £10 stake. While odds of 33/1 will indicate a lower likelihood of success than many other entrants, the high value of the winnings reflects an attractive proposition if success is achieved.Tic tac specialists used a number of different signals to indicate specific prices and double carpet was one of the more recognisable, as it involved crossing the arms and placing the hands flat to the chest. Other terms used for specific prices include wrist, which indicates a price of evens, and shoulders, which means 9/2. Some terms are based on rhyming slang, but the origins of double carpet are a little more unclear.Odds of 33/1 indicate something of an outsider bet and although it's used more in racing than in other events it's still found in other markets. You may find it, for example, when betting on the first goalscorer in a football match, the finishing round in a boxing match, the winning margin in a general election or perhaps the highest run-scorer in a cricket tournament.