Don’t Come Box

What is the Don’t Come Box?

The ‘don’t come box’ or ‘don’t come bar’ is an area on the craps table where chips can be placed in order to bet on the shooter hitting a seven before making their point. The don’t come box sits next to the singles bets and above the come bar, both adjacent to the pass/don’t pass bar that surrounds the table grid. Bets in the don’t come box are only active during the second phase of a shooter’s turn, after the point is established.

Don’t Come Box Explained

In craps, the first stage of the game asks the shooter to try and set a point number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) and the second stage asks them to try and hit it again. In the second stage of the game, the shooter must hit that point number before a seven appears, otherwise their turn is ended. The other players bet on which numbers will be rolled (singles bets and field bets), on how those totals will be made (hard ways and easy ways) and on which order the numbers will be rolled in.

The ‘don’t come’ bet is a specific bet made after a point number has been established, during the second stage of the game. It is very similar to the don’t pass bet, and it has an opposite in the come bet. The don’t come box is the area on the craps table in which this bet is made.

Just like a don’t pass bet, the don’t come bet is a bet that the shooter will ‘seven out‘ (roll a seven) before their point number is rolled again. However, a don’t come bet is treated like a new come-out roll – that is, the next roll made establishes the point for that individual player’s bet, rather than the shooter’s own point setting the target. Subsequent rolls are judged (and paid) as though that don’t come bet was made on the come-out.

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