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What is a ‘Dolly’?

A 'dolly’ is something used in the game of roulette. When the roulette wheel and ball are spun, the ball loses motion and eventually lands on a specific number and colour. The dealer will then take a ‘dolly’, which is a plastic, wooden or glass marker, and place it on the winning square on the roulette table. This is to highlight what number/colour has won to the players around the table.

'Dolly' Explained

The term ‘dolly’ was given to this marker as it is shaped like a doll, with a ball like top and a straight end piece. As soon as the dealer places the ‘dolly’ onto the table, no more bets can be placed, collected or removed by players involved in the game.The dealer will then collect all loosing bets from the table either by hand or with a rake. They will then determine the winnings and place the pay-outs on the table. When the dealer has completed this, they will remove the ‘dolly’ and the winning players can collect their takings.There are many different types of bets you can make in a game of roulette and you don’t need to bet on a single number. You can bet on colour (black and red), even and odd, split (two horizontally or vertically adjacent numbers), and corner/square (four numbers which meet at a corner on the table) to name a few. Depending what type of bet you place will determine the odds you receive for your winnings.The ‘dolly’ only makes its appearance in American style roulette, whereas in the French version the winning squares are pointed at with a stick.The purpose of the ‘dolly’ is so players around the table will memorize the winning number before the next round of betting begins, to help them choose their next bet. It also highlights the winning squares so that players understand who has lost or won within a round.