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What is a Deuce?

The term 'deuce' is most commonly heard among poker players, but it occurs in many other casino card games as well. It refers to any suit's number two card: the two of hearts; the two of diamonds; the two of clubs or the two of spades.In some nations and regions, 'deuce' may also be used to refer to a pair - for example, 'a deuce of kings'. The term also occurs in sports betting, as 'deuce' is a point reached in tennis and table tennis, where each player has a score of 40 and two further points are needed consecutively in order to win.

The deuce explained

'Deuce' is common North American slang for 'two' or 'a pair', and it features frequently in many contexts. In gambling, the term has been carried over and is used to describe the second card in any suit. The hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds each possess numbered cards from 2-10, and the '2' cards can be referred to as 'deuce of [suit]'. The word can be used as a singular or plural form - a set of twos could also be referred to as a 'deuce hand', for example. If a player needs a two in a card-swapping game, they may ask for a deuce.The term has been adopted in tennis (and in table tennis) to describe the point in a match where the players are tied at forty-all. When the 'deuce' is called, each player needs to score two points in a row to win the game. If a player wins one point but loses the next, the deuce situation continues with the server having the advantage. To points scored after deuce means that the game has been won, and the next set can begin. Tennis games are won when several sets have been played and the overall victory can be calculated.