What is a ‘Desktop’?

A ‘desktop’ is a common name for a standard personal computer. These are often used to access gambling services such as gaming websites, applications and software. The desktop can also refer to an area on the computer – the home screen of the operating system. Any downloaded gambling software you use will be launched from this desktop.

‘Desktop’ Explained

In computing, a desktop is an alternative to a laptop or other mobile device. Desktop suggests that the computer is large and requires a wired energy source and a table, while laptop or mobile device means that gaming can take place away from a table or even a building. Many casinos today are based online or have online services available, and players may use their desktop computer to access these services. A desktop computer needs a wired or wireless internet connection if the player wants to gamble online.

Some online gambling services are designed just for desktops and laptops, while others are exclusively for mobile. Most offer a mix of the two. Desktops often have better audio and graphics, so the quality of games being played will be enhanced. They also have a lot more power and can, therefore, run several games at once. The internet connection within a desktop tends to be more stable, so they are better for playing games with live streams such as competitive poker.

The desktop on a computer is also the area where you will find launch icons for your downloaded gambling programmes. It is similar to the menu screen of a mobile phone. If there are no tabs or windows open, the desktop is the background display you can see – along with all its associated icons and menus. Many poker and blackjack games require special software in order to pay. This can be downloaded to your computer and opened via an icon on the desktop.