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Decisions Per Hour (DPH)

What is 'Decisions Per Hour (DPH)'?

'Decisions per hour' (DPH) is the measure of decisions made by a casino player during a set period. Decisions include making bets, withdrawing from games and changing to new games or tables. In fast-paced games like slots, players can make hundreds of decisions per hour. In games like roulette and blackjack, pace is slower and just ten or twenty decisions may be made in the hour. The rate of play affects the engagement of players and the chance of wins or casino profits, so casinos must understand and use this metric. DPH can be worked out using data monitoring software in online casinos, or through manual auditing in a physical casino.

'Decisions Per Hour (DPH)' Explained

Casino games that are profitable for the operator have a high house edge - the margin of advantage for the casino - and they are played at a fast speed. The better game for a player is one which plays out slowly, reducing the number of decisions they make per hour. Casinos need to be aware of the rate of decisions per hour for each of their games, and may even want to drill down into these figures further by establishing each table's specific DPH.Decisions per hour is part of the ratings system for determining player comps. Players who make regular decisions and play for longer periods of time have greater value to the casino and, therefore, will be targeted with free gifts more often. Casinos will look at decisions per hour when auditing their dealers and croupiers and when determining how successful or profitable a game is for the casino. Casinos should provide a range of games with high and low DPH rates and should vary the house edge on games to account for the difference in decisions per hour.