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Dan Bilzerian

Who is 'Dan Bilzerian'?

Dan Bilzerian is a North American poker player and celebrity personality. Along with brother Adam, Dan Bilzerian has featured in many professional tournaments, including a successful World Series of Poker appearance where he ranked in 180th place. Bilzerian is known for his extravagant and often controversial lifestyle, which he documents on Instagram.

'Dan Bilzerian' Explained

Poker player Dan Bilzerian was born in Florida on December 7, 1980. The player currently resides between California and Las Vegas, spending a lot of time at the Vegas casinos and among showbiz circles. Bilzerian describes himself as a professional poker player, though other gamblers often call him a showman or performer rather than a serious competitor. Despite this, Bilzerian has appeared at World Series events and has finished in the paid ranks. He is a common sight on the Las Vegas high stakes poker circuit, and often enters tournaments and contests.Bilzerian has access to trust funds which enable him to live his extravagant lifestyle. His brother Adam is also a professional poker player. Dan Bilzerian has been involved in a gambling scandal in which many high profile players, including poker professionals, actors and other Hollywood celebrities, were accused of acting within an illegal Ponzi scheme. While no conviction was brought against Bilzerian, some winnings made under the scheme had to be returned.Bilzerian is also known for his extravagant wagers made away from the casino, including a recent speedway challenge in which he staked $385,000 on beating the opponent. He is no stranger to controversy and has been involved in many high-profile scandals and dramas. In 2014, he answered charges relating to bomb-making and terrorism and prior to his recent endorsement for current president Donald Trump, Bilzerian had announced an intention to run for president himself.