What are ‘Credits’?

In the context of gambling, legal currency is exchanged for credits in order to make a wager on certain casino games – particularly slot games.

When players put their money into a slot machine for example, it is then divided by the coin size, or coin denomination, of the particular machine. The coin denominations in dollars are commonly $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $1, $5, increasing generally in $5 increments from here.

For example, when playing on a slot machine with a coin denomination of $0.25, $50 inserted into the machine will give a total of 200 credits. To determine the amount of credits you have to play, you would divide the $50 by $0.25.

In online casinos, although players effectively play with credits, they are usually expressed in real currency amounts.

‘Credits’ Explained

When playing with credits, players usually have the option of also choosing how many credits they want to put up as their wager for each turn.

In a slot, players will take into consideration the number of active paylines they want to play. Today’s slot machines offer a wide variety of choices, and quite often there are multiple paylines.

Let’s start with a simple three reel slot machine with only one payline across the center of the reels. This type of slot machine typically allows you to wager 1, 2, or 3 credits for each spin, with 3 credits being the Max Bet.

With 200 credits, you can spin the reels 200 times playing at the rate of one credit per spin. At the rate of two credits per spin, you have a total of 100 spins to play out, and at the rate of 5 credits per spin, you have 40 total spins to play out and so forth.

Coin denominations accommodate a wider range of bankrolls. The coin denomination reflects the value that each credit represents, whether it’s a penny or a dollar.

Building up playing credits on slot machines potentially reinforces seeds of destruction if you wish to employ a strategy of smart money management. Playing with digital credits instead of actual cash makes it is easy for money to lose its value in the eye of the player. This is why smart players stay aware of exactly how much credits are worth in terms of actual cash.

Ways to use credits

The maximum bet is a bet optimized with all possible paylines activated, and wagered at the highest number of coins per pay line allowed. To truly be considered a max bet, the highest coin denomination offered must be wagered. Players should be careful with the max bet option and make sure they understand the actual cash value of each max bet spin you play.

Most slot machine interfaces have a ‘bet max’ button, and this is also something you should be very careful with. Make sure you know the actual cash value of each click of the ‘bet max’ button.

Naturally, the more credits you play on each spin, the more you will win each time a winning combination occurs across the reels.

The paytable for the slot machine tells players everything they need to know about the different symbols, including their individual and combined value in a winning combination, so they can see how they want to spend their credits.

The game rules can vary from one slot machine to another, even if they feature the same game. So, to that end, players should read all the details as they are described in each of the pay tables.

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