What is ‘Craps’?

Craps is a popular table casino game that pits player’s luck against the house. The game is played with two dice and players make different bets in an attempt to predict the outcome of the roll. Players bet on whether or not the player with the dice will manage to roll the number they need to win. At first, craps play can look a bit confusing due to its fast pace and several bets that are placed on different areas of the table.

‘Craps’ Explained

A basic craps bet is placed on the player who is rolling the dice. Backing the roller of the dice means that players are betting on just how lucky the roller of the dice is. Unsurprisingly, the house wants the roller to lose out. All the betting surrounding the craps table means that it is one of the most lively parts of the casino, with clapping and hollering commonplace. Put simply, the roller has everyone’s money in their hands. If they do well, everyone does well.

The simplest bet in craps is the Pass Line bet, to make a pass line bet players will place their money in the ‘pass line’ area of the table. This bet means the person rolling the dice (sometimes referred to as the ‘shooter’) will have to roll the dice several times before any players win or lose. Several rolls are required because the pass line bet is a series bet.

The first roll in the series is named a ‘come-out’ roll, this differs from all the other rolls because it rewards a 7 or an 11. If the shooter rolls either of those outcomes then that is an automatic pass line winner for all the players who have placed their bet on the pass line section of the table. If this comes to pass then the series will end. If a 2, 3 or a 12 is rolled then everyone automatically loses and, once again, the series ends. Any other outcome results in a point for the ‘shooter’ and the series continues.

The odds are slightly in favor of the series continuing for at least one roll with the shooter now being tasked with having to roll the same number as their points again before rolling a 7. If they roll any other number than a 7 then they simply have to roll again. If the shooter manages to roll their point, then all the pass line bets win. So that’s what everyone at the table is hoping for. The series will come to an abrupt end if the shooter rolls a 7, which is called a ‘seven-out’. Once this happens, everyone loses, so players are hoping for the series to go on as long as possible in order to win big money at the craps table.