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Cool Off

What is ‘Cool Off’?

If a gambler chooses to 'cool off', they are giving the games a rest and stepping aside from their play for a while. Many online casinos have a 'cool off' setting which closes the account for a set period of time. Casinos might also allow a player to establish a cool off period, by not permitting them entry to the casino for a short time. These actions are only taken at the request of the player.

‘Cool Off’ Explained

While gambling is a very popular pastime and it provides entertainment for a lot of people, some players can fall into a pattern of problem gambling or compulsive gambling: spending more than they can afford, wasting too much time at the tables, or chasing losses with ever-increasing bets that eventually cripple the player financially.Instead of letting gambling become a problem, players can choose to 'cool off' when they start getting too involved in their play. This might be a self-enforced strategy, with the player avoiding the casino and stopping all bets until they feel they have regained control of their play - and their bank balance. Other 'cool off' periods are set in conjunction with the casino establishment, with an agreement not to serve the player at the tables for a certain amount of time.In online gaming, players can set a 'cool off' period of their own description. During the time period specified, the player will be unable to play any of the site's games with their account - and there is no way to remove the restriction until the time period is up. The casino will not take the 'cool off' setting off, even if the player requests it. This is all part of the Responsible Gaming initiative which protects players and tries to prevent the development of gambling addiction.