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Conditional Bet

What is a 'Conditional Bet'?

A Conditional Bet is a placed wager that becomes activated only if certain criteria are met. Basically, a conditional bet allows you to set minimum requirements, or conditions, that must be satisfied for the bet to take place, or for the bet to continue. In theory, you could set any conditions around a wager and call it a conditional bet. For example you may say you want to bet on a certain team to win but only if a certain team starts.

'Conditional Bet' Explained

Conventional sports betting does not generally offer the opportunity to place a conditional bet on the bet slip, and as such, you will need to make a special request to place one.This type of bet originates from horse racing bets, however you can place this type of bet on any sports market where the outcome is defined.The following bet types are the most common conditional bets you can place:

Any-to-Come 'Conditional Bet'

This is a bet known as the any to come (ATC) bet, which requires the initial wager to produce a return sufficient enough to allow a predefined wager to be placed on one or more predefined selections.

Up and Down 'Conditional Bet'

This is where 2 bet selections are linked single bets. If the first selection wins then an additional amount is wagered on the second selection. If both selections win, your winnings are doubled. On the other hand, if only one selection wins, you lose both original stakes.

Round Robin 'Conditional Bet'

A bet with 3 selections that consist of 10 separate bets.

Flag 'Conditional Bet'

A bet with 4 selections that consist of 23 separate bets.

Super Flag 'Conditional Bet'

A bet with 5 selections that consist of 46 separate bets.

Rounder 'Conditional Bet'

A bet with 3 selections consisting of 3 normal single bets and 3 any to come (ATC) bets.

Roundabout 'Conditional Bet'

Exactly like the Rounder with twice the stakes on the any to come (ATC) bets.