Comp Validation

What is Comp Validation?

Comp validation is the process of measuring play by each individual at the casino, and awarding ‘comps’ or complimentary gifts to players who spend a lot of time and money on the venue’s games. A ‘comp validation system’ is an electronic program which records play and alerts staff when a player qualifies for comps, such as free drinks.

Comp validation ensures that rewards are issued more fairly among the busiest players.

Comp Validation Explained

In the casino, players are often given rewards for their loyalty as they play, with longer sessions and higher spends leading to better gifts.

These rewards, or comps, start with free drinks and perhaps bar snacks too, but could include hotel rooms and luxury trips for the high rollers who spend most time and money at the establishment.

Online casinos also have their own form of comps, usually called bonuses or promotions, where players get extra funds or loyalty points as they play.

‘Comp validation’ is a system to ensure that these comps are distributed fairly. Many casinos rely on their floor staff to keep an eye on their players and make sure they serve drinks to the most active – but this system is vulnerable to abuse by ‘comp hustlers‘ and it can also see quieter players being missed out. Comp validation tracks the level of play so that comps are issued only when a milestone is reached.

Some casinos use player cards to track player and award comps, so players must sign up as members to qualify for their rewards. Others will use the machines themselves to monitor how much is being played, and how often. Comp validation systems may use lights on the back of chairs to alert waiting staff when a player qualifies for a reward, or a message may be sent to the till at the bar.

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