Comp Room

What is a ‘Comp Room’?

Comp Room is the short term used for Complimentary Room. Regarding land-based casinos, complimentary items and/or services are given by casinos to encourage you to gamble at their establishment. The Casino Host/Hostess is generally the employee representing the casino, and the Pit Boss also has the authority to award comps.

‘Comp Room’ Explained

The reward system for comps has various levels, and your level is determined by the the types of games you play, how much you bet, and how long you play. In almost all cases, you are also required to have and use a player’s card, so that your play can be tracked in order to obtain comps from the casino.

The lowest level of comps are typically in the form of free alcoholic or non-alcholic beverages. Most casinos offer this to anyone playing any casino game in their casino.

The next level of comps are free meals, and most casinos have a variety of restaurants located within their property. With free meal comps, usually you are given a specific amount to spend, however, if you are a high roller in most cases you are given carte blanche.

The next level generally consists of a comp room at the casino, if there is an attached hotel. Casinos that do not include an attached hotels are incapable of awarding comp rooms for nearby hotels. Many casino hotels have higher-end rooms, like villas or suites, and these are often comp rooms for high rollers. Comp rooms are typically awarded to you as part of a package known as ‘RFB’ which means Room, Food, and Beverage. There are smaller packages known as ‘RF’ which leaves out the Beverages. This is for smaller bettors in most cases.

Casinos offer other assorted comps, especially if you are a high roller, which may include reimbursement of airfare, limousines, show tickets, golfing, private gaming areas, and private jet services.

Most casinos require you to play a certain amount of time at a certain level. The awarded comps are proportional to the length of time you play and the amounts wagered.

The comps are determined by your theoretical loss, which is the amount you are expected to lose based on long-term statistics of the house advantage for the games you play.

There are those players who are known as comp hustlers, who do everything possible to maximize the comps they get, while also minimizing their expected losses, such as playing casino games with a lower house advantage, like Blackjack and Video Poker, or they will play penny slots. They might also use tactics like placing larger bets when they know the Pit Boss is watching, take a large number of breaks, or play at crowded tables to play less hands. This kind of behavior elicits poor casino etiquette.

Online casinos, and other types of online gambling sites usually offer comps as well, however because they are in virtual form, the comps generally consist of casino credits in various amounts, depending on what games you play, how long you play them, and how much you spend.