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Come Bet

What is a 'Come Bet'?

The come bet in craps works similar to a conventional pass line bet, but can only be placed once a ‘come-point’ has been established. In a conventional game of craps the first roll is the come-out roll. You win if you roll a 7 or 11 and you lose on ‘craps’ 2, 3 or 12. If any other number is rolled it becomes a ‘come-point’.Once an initial come-point is established you can place bets on the come bar. The next roll establishes another come-point, which is where your bet will be moved to. You can also place odds bets on top of your come bet in order to increase your chances of winning.

'Come Bet' Explained

Come bets can be pretty hard to explain, so let's look at a gameplay example to give you a better idea.You arrive at the craps table and the game is already in play. A come-point has already been established at 6. You’re feeling lucky so you put $5 on 6 to win. You are placing a come bet so your bet needs to be placed on the come bet area of the craps table. The next shooter rolls an 8, now your come bet moves to 8, for you to win the shooter has to roll an 8 before he rolls a 7. If any other number comes up, it establishes a new come-point for you to bet on.What makes these bets interesting is that you can place odds bets on top of your original come bet on any come-point that comes up during the game. Odds bets are useful because they lessen the house’s advantage allowing you to hedge your original bet. In our example, 8 has come up so we can place an odds bet on top of our original come bet. Most casinos allow 2x odds bets, which is double our original stake. So our odds bet is £10.00, double our original bet. The next roll, an 8 is finally thrown and we win $5 for the come bet, plus another $12 for the odds bet.The individual come bet numbers payout different odds, see below:Numbers 4 or 1 pay 2-1 Numbers 5 or 9 pay 3-2 Numbers 6 or 8 pay 6-5There are a number of different outcomes for this bet, so what would happen if an 8 wasn’t thrown?If 7 or 11 come up, you would win your $5 come bet. If 2, 3, or 12 come up, you would lose your $5 come bet.Any other number, other than 8, would result in another come-point to place odds bets on. Come bets are a great way to hedge your pass line bets. Let’s say you place a pass line bet for $15, and a come bet for $5. On the next roll, the shooter rolls a 7, you lose your pass-line bet, but win $5 on the come bet.