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Combination Bet

What is a 'Combination Bet'?

A combination bet is a type of bet that is often placed with the aim of reducing risk, and/or prolonging the duration of betting with a limited stake. It is similar to an accumulator bet in that with both of these types of bets the bettor will bet on the outcome of numerous events simultaneously, but they are also different in a few crucial ways. For example, with an accumulator bet, a bettor may bet on the outcomes of, say, five football matches and needs all of their predictions to be correct in order to win. With a combination bet, as long as one of the bettor's predictions is right they will see a return, provided there are long enough odds on that particular leg of the bet to exceed the original stake.

'Combination Bet' Explained

Combination betting can give the bettor a greater chance of success. The disadvantage of combination betting is that the more the original stake is divided across different legs of the bet, the lesser the eventual profit could be. Of course, a larger profit can be made if many of the bettor's predictions are right.Another way in which combination bets are different to accumulator bets, is that with accumulator bets a bettor may wager on two, three, four, five or more events simultaneously, known as 'doubles', 'trebles', 'four-fold' and 'five-fold', respectively. A combination bettor may place a much more sophisticated and complex bet than this, by combining doubles, trebles, four-folds etc together as a group, spreading their stake around to make a win more likely than with an accumulator, and make for a more exciting experience than placing a conventional bet on one event, as the excitement only lasts as long as it takes for that race or game to be finished. A combination bettor can decide on whatever combination of four-folds, six-folds, trebles, doubles, etc that they like, making the experience more interesting and involved.There are a few standard, popular combination bets, like the 'Trixie', 'Yankee', 'Super Yankee', 'Heinz', and most complex of all, the 'Goliath'. These bets rely on a combination of doubles, trebles and accumulators, and in all cases, if at least two of the bettor's selections are correct they will see a profit. The simplest of these is the Trixie, which combines four bets (a treble and three doubles) on three selections in different events. The 'Goliath' combines 247 bets - from (multiple) doubles all the way up to an eight-fold accumulator.