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Cold Streak

What is a Cold Streak?

A cold streak is a gambling term that essentially means a series of undesired outcomes when betting in pretty much any context.

Cold Streak Explained

Cold streaks happen to the best of us. In fact, the concept is so widely recognized that the term is frequently used in walks of life outside of gambling. For example, someone who repeatedly fails to get a date, or a footballer who goes many games without scoring, could be said to be on a cold streak.In areas of life where we must rely on a combination of our own ability and an element of luck, cold streaks are inevitable. There will be times when our ability fails us and there will be times when luck just isn't on our side. Sometimes, both might happen at the same time! In any case, the consequence is a period of just not winning, and we have to plough through these times to come out the other side.In gambling, a cold streak can be particularly frustrating and even quite devastating to the pocket. Sometimes, a cold streak is a sign that it's time to take a step back and reassess our strategy. If a certain approach is consistently leading to failure, it would be nothing but stubborn to continue using that strategy.If you hit a cold streak, the important thing is to get an idea of what is causing it. Are you strung out from over-playing? Is your strategy different to what you would usually play? A cold streak doesn't have to destroy your game. Something is causing it and with the right mindset you will be able to discover what that might be. A well-rounded player can make the best of the bad times, as well as the good.