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Cold Number

What is 'Cold Number'

Cold number is a roulette term that is used to describe a number that has not appeared frequently during a particular roulette session at a casino. Despite the fact that the odds reset every time the roulette wheel starts up, players will often bet on a cold number simply because of the fact it has rarely, if ever, come up. They believe that because the ball has rarely landed on a particular cold number that the chances of it coming up are heightened. Although this is mathematically incorrect as every spin gives the numbers a 1 in 37 chance of appearing, many experienced roulette players swear by them.

'Cold Number' Explained

If a cold number is a number that has not appeared very often, then it stands to chance that there are also 'hot numbers' which supposedly appear more frequently. A lot of players also back hot numbers as they believe particular numbers are on a streak of appearing and want to get in on the action. So although roulette is essentially a game of chance, there are still plenty of roulette players who will back a hot or a cold number.There are even some theories that state which numbers are likely to be hot and which numbers are likely to be cold. Generally speaking, if a number appears at-least three times then it is considered to be a hot number, whereas if a number has not appeared in the last thirty spins then it is considered cold.Although hot and cold numbers are debatable in terms of whether or not backing them is actually worthwhile, it is acknowledged that hot and cold 'trends' do actually exist. Some highly experienced roulette players see them as a window of opportunity to make some money at the wheel. Roulette players who bet on hot or cold numbers will follow the trends of the wheel. If for example a cold number suddenly appears, players will watch out to see if that number appears again over the next few spins. If it does then it's possible that a trend could be forming which will see a cold number transform into a hot number. Although there's no guarantee that this number will come up again, some players like to back what they see as a 'trend' in the hope that their chances of winning increase.Some players believe that if a hot number comes up a few times (at-least five) then the probability of it coming up again decreases, while if a cold number begins to come up then it's probable it will appear at-least a couple more times. This is highly debatable, but there are plenty of examples of players who win at roulette simply by observing the trends, although there are also plenty of people who believe that those players simply had good fortune. Whatever the truth surrounding cold and hot numbers, ultimately it's down to the players over whether or not they want to bet on them.