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What are ‘Coins’?

'Coins' are metal tokens with a legal currency value, used to make transactions. In the casino, chips are used at the table rather than coins. However, coins can be traded for chips and some tables do allow cash bets as well. Coins are often used to operate video poker machines or to play slot machines and video slots. 'Coins' might also refer to the value of a bet in a slots game, or to the value of a win made during play.

‘Coins’ Explained

Coins have been used for thousands of years to barter and buy, and they are often used in casinos and betting shops to place wagers or to buy into games. Coins in the UK have a value of up to £2, with the smallest representing one pence. Some casinos will take coin bets on lower limit roulette and craps tables, especially where the minimum bet is 50p or £1. Often, the coin will be exchanged for a single chip to make handling any wins or losses easier for the dealer.In video poker and slots games, coins are used to operate the game. Like old arcade games, these coins create 'credits' for the game. For example, a video poker game might cost 20p per hand to play, so a one pound coin creates five games for the player. In slots and poker games, coin values can be increased so that more can be won from each round. For example, a 20-line slot game at 1p per line could be enhanced to play 5p per line. If a win of 100 coins (£1) is made from the game, it will be multiplied by the increase in wagered coins - so a 5x win would return £5 to the player.