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What is Chipping?

Chipping, or chipping up, is a casino term which commonly appears in poker and which is also used in blackjack, roulette and craps. It refers to a player who is gradually building up their stack through slow and steady play, and is also sometimes heard as 'chipping away' or grinding. 'Chipping up' can also apply to a casino dealer, and refers to the act of quickly collecting up the lost chips from the table when the bet has played out.

Chipping Explained

Not all big casino wins happen with a single bet. Some players will achieve their final haul of chips by 'grinding' away at the table and picking up smaller wins over time. If a player does this, they are often described as 'chipping' or 'chipping up', which simply means they are growing their stack of chips slowly and consistently. This can be a good strategy for a persistent player, especially one who plays a tight game and avoids any weak hands they draw.If a dealer is referred to as 'chipping up', this tends to mean that they are using a palming technique to gather chips from the table quickly after a bet has played and chips have been lost. Casino dealers are often judged on their chipping abilities, as speed between rounds ensure more games can be played - and the table can take more money.Some players also call the process of exchanging chip values 'chipping up'. This is done when a player has received a large stack of minimum value chips, perhaps from a singles roulette bet. They can opt to change some of these for a higher value - for example, ten $1 chips for a $10 chip. This also allows the player to make higher value bets without counting and checking a large stack.