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Chip Runner

What is ‘Chip Runner’?

A chip runner is the name given to a casino or cardroom employee whose main responsibility is to sell and distribute chips to bettors while these players remain seated at their gaming tables.

‘Chip Runner’ Explained

The task of the chip runner is to sell chips to betting players when their pile gets low but they cannot or do not wish to leave their gaming tables. These employees work on the casino floor as opposed to in the cage, so that they can work quickly and efficiently to get the chips to the players.It is common for only larger or more reputable card rooms and casinos to employee people as chip runner, as there is obviously a reduced need for them in smaller casinos, where the bettors can simply and easily make their way to the cage area and buy their chips directly.Chip runners sometimes go on to become dealers, or 'black & whites’. However, before they reach that stage, the chip runner must endure long, physically challenging shifts including long periods of walking and standing. It is also thought that the average chip runner only makes the minimum wage, often relying on tips from bettors and players to get them through.The role of the chip runner does extend beyond selling chips to gamblers. Sometimes, their tasks involve more general customer service responsibilities and helping to keep the casino floor clean and tidy.Generally, the chip runner is a handy person to have on a card room or casino floor. As well as help out casino management, pit bosses, and other floor supervisors, the chip runner is an extremely useful presence for the player if they run out of chips and the nearest cage area is a long way away. The chip runner can often save the player a significant amount of time, which the bettor can then reinvest in gambling and, ultimately, winning!