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Checks Play

What is Checks Play?

The phrase checks play refers to an action made by casino dealers. The dealer would use the term checks play when notifying the pit boss (or the employee in charge of supervising the gaming tables on the casino floor) that a considerably large bet has been made by a player of blackjack.

Checks Play Explained

Most commonly used by the dealers, checks play is the term they use when letting the pit boss know that a player has staked a particularly large wager at one of their tables.A situation in which a dealer would use checks play varies greatly among different casinos. For instance, in smaller and perhaps less frequented casinos, a bet as small as $100 using four red ($25) chips could be considered significant enough to notify a pit boss. In larger and more popular casinos, however, it takes a larger bet for the dealer to say checks play. For example, black chips are worth $100, and betting any more than one of these at one time is often thought to be a large enough wager to let the pit boss know.It is thought that dealers tell the person responsible for the gaming tables when a player has made a particularly large bet because the dealer who called checks play wishes for the pit boss to watch this bettor more closely.It is also said that checks play is standard practice among dealers and pit bosses simply because the pit boss would like to be notified when any player bets above a certain amount. Sometimes, it is only because the pit boss, or person responsible for the successful operations of the gaming tables, wishes to get friendlier with the high bettor.The pit boss must also ensure that they can account for every black chip, precisely because they are worth so much - $100. Therefore, phrases that accompany checks play can include verbal declarations of ‘black action’ and ‘black out’ when the dealer pays out these specific chips.