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Chat Master

What is a ‘Chat Master’

'Chat Master' usually refers to the casino staff member responsible for overseeing online chat sessions during gambling sessions. Other common terms include 'chat host' and 'chat leader'. The chat master will also lead promotional games and encourage play on games, as well as providing front line customer service in the event of game queries.

‘Chat Master’ Explained

The term 'chat master' appears in many online casino venues. These websites and mobile applications have online games, and these games often have a chat function for the players to use. They can interact with the other players. These chat sessions are often hosted by a member of staff from the casino, commonly known as a 'chat master'. The chat master is responsible for the flow of conversation, asking questions to players and sharing information about the games.This chat master might also run promotional games with small rewards, such as loyalty points or cash prizes, in place of traditional casino comps. These promos are sometimes open to all players, but are often limited to those currently engaged in active play. The chat master can also kick players out who don't adhere to the rules, for example by using offensive language or making unpleasant comments to other players.Chat masters might work in an office similar to a call centre, but many are also freelance. The job is very similar to working at help desks, but also includes this element of administrating the chat function. Sometimes an artificial intelligence program will carry out the chat master function, rather than a real person, but the quality of responses is often greatly reduced. These chat masters are the first port of call for players who have questions about the game, and they usually provide promotional information about upcoming games and new releases.