What is Chat?

‘Chat’ is shorthand for an online chatroom or instant messaging service, such as those commonly found on online casino sites. Chat participants can socialize with each other while they play games, and often a member of staff will be present to answer questions. Chat is also used as an online help tool, connecting players with technical and account support to resolve any problems that might occur.

Chat Explained

Many online casinos offer a chat facility for their players. This chat software usually takes the form of a sidebar alongside the games, allowing people to type messages to each other as they play. It gives online casinos a social element, and is a useful feature of live casino games as well as online bingo and slots. The chat program is usually built into the game software and can be turned off if the player wishes. Some sites also offer chat services for players experiencing technical problems or account issues, linking them with support staff.

Chat is sometimes used by these sites to run promotions or games, including prize draws and quizzes. Upcoming events, games and site news may also be advertised in the chat section of the site. Players will use the facility to talk about the games they are playing, or to ask site staff questions about the games. Chat services used to be limited to web browser play, but recent software developments mean mobile casinos can also provide a chat option.

Online casino chat usually has its own ‘lingo’ or jargon, including abbreviations and slang terms that relate to the games and to gambling in general. Most sites will include a ‘chat terms’ page with the most common phrases on it, so that new players don’t feel too lost and can join in the conversation right away.

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