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Change only

What is Change Only?

'Change only' is a call made at the table by a player who wishes to use the bank rather than make a bet. It tells the croupier that money on the table is not a bet. It appears most commonly in craps but might also be said by a player in roulette. If a player does not call 'change only', the bet will stand.

Change Only explained

In the casino, players use cash or chips to make bets at table games. Those tables also serve as banks for the player, stocking additional chips as well as change for the players. Many table games are made of different sections, and placing money or chips in those sections counts as a wager. A win returns the chips to the player, plus additional chips at a ratio set according to the odds of the outcome.Sometimes a player needs to make change with the dealer, either by buying more chips or by exchanging notes for coins - and this money is also laid on the table so that the exchange between the two is secure and open. Passing money hand to hand is a security risk for the casino. To differentiate between the two reasons for placing money down, the player must call 'change only' when they require change or chips from the dealer.Without making the change only call, the bet may well stand. This is especially true in craps, where the whole of the table serves as an active section for certain kinds of bets. Unless the money on the table is identified as cash only, the dealer or croupier will assume that the player is making a bet. The term might also appear in roulette, though it is easier to place money away from the betting areas in order to request change or chips from the bank.