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Change Color

What is Change Color?

In the casino, to change color means to exchange chips of one value for chips of another value. This is done if a player needs to break a high-value chip and make smaller bets, or when a player has lots of smaller chips and wants a more manageable stack. The phrase 'change color' also applies if a player at the roulette table wishes to change their assigned chip color for another.

Change Color Explained

Casino chips or 'checks' are small plastic discs which are used as currency for betting at casinos. Chips often feature the establishment's logo, and might be printed with a monetary value, such as $1 or $100. They often come in a variety of colors, and these colors can differentiate between the value of the chips. The colors might also be allocated to different players at the same table, to make the dealer's job easier - such as in roulette.Winning bets are usually played according to the value or denomination of the chip placed to bet. For example, if a player makes a $1 bet and wins at 35/1, they will likely be paid 35 $1 chips. If their bet was a $5 chip, they can expect 35 $5 chips back. These gives the player a very full stack: for ease of handling, they might opt to 'color up' or 'change color', which means to exchange for chips of a different value. Turning 35 $1 chips into 7 $5 chips is far more manageable, for example!A player might also opt to 'change color' with non-value chips, if they are unhappy with their assigned color. In roulette, players are given different colored chips so the dealer can tell the different bets apart. This prevents confusion if two or more players bet in the same place. If a player feels a certain color is lucky or unlucky, they may opt to 'change color' during the game and try to change their fortunes.View the best casinos for roulette here.