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What is ‘Cee-lo’?

Cee-lo, sometimes called four-five-six, See-Low, Chinchirorin and the three dice game, is a gambling game played with three, six sided dice. It was brought to the USA by Chinese immigrants and grew to become a popular street game in urban areas. You will rarely see people play it in casinos. Mostly it is played within small communities who often have their own rules and strategies.

‘Cee-lo’ Explained

There are some rules that all Cee-lo games abide by. Each player rolls to set up points. Rolling 4-5-6 is always considered a winning combination, and a player loses if his throw falls out of the playing area.The biggest difference often comes down to the betting. In so called banking games, one player takes the position of the banker, making it his job to cover all bets. In non-banking games, everyone has equal status, winning money from one common pot.Traditionally, Cee-lo is a banking game and begins with the banker setting a stake, which he will call either the centre bet or the bank. Each player then makes individual bets against the bank at even odds. That means if they bet £20 they will make a profit of £20. The players can only make bets that the bank can cover.In a bank of Cee-lo, there are four possible outcomes; an automatic loss, a re-roll, a set point and an automatic win. An automatic win, which means a win for the bank, occurs if a bank throws a triple such as a triple one, a 4, 5 and a 6, and a double such as a double two alongside a 6.An automatic loss, which means a loss for the bank, occurs if the bank rolls a 1, 2, and 3 and a double such as a double 3 alongside a 1.A point is set when the banker rolls a double such as a double 4 alongside a 2, 3, 4, or 5. The 2, 3, 4 or 5 then becomes the point.A re-roll occurs when the bank rolls any other combination than the ones listed above.