Catch-Zero (keno)

What is Catch-Zero?

Catch-Zero is a reversed form of the numbers game Keno. In Catch-Zero, players aim to avoid matching any numbers on their card – rather than trying to match as many of their chosen numbers as possible. Catch-Zero Keno is offered in some casinos and at some online establishments. The game is also sometimes described as ‘Zero-Catch’.

Catch-Zero Explained

Keno is a popular lottery-style game found in North American and European casinos, and at many online gambling websites. Players use a Keno ticket to select one or more numbers, and they win if they match those numbers to the ones drawn in the game. The biggest prizes are won by betting on as many numbers as possible and matching all of those numbers. Unlike lotteries, which have a jackpot made from the profits of tickets bought, Keno bets are paid according to the odds of making matches. Most Keno tickets allow up to 20 picks – players can choose as many or as few selections as they want. Players might also be able to make combination bets, selecting several numbers together as well as those numbers as individual bets.

Matching a Keno number is known as ‘catching‘ the number – a ‘Keno Catch’ is any matched number or group. Most games are based around matching as many numbers as possible, as per the rules above. However, there are many variations on the game which can be found at some establishments. ‘Catch-Zero’, or ‘Catch-Zero Keno’, is a twist on the traditional game. Instead of trying to match numbers, players aim to avoid them and come away with a clean ticket. Betting more numbers increases the chance of a high value win, but reduces the odds of avoiding a ‘catch’. Other forms include ‘Catch-All‘ Keno, where players must match every number they pick, and Way tickets or Combination tickets, where players bet on groups rather than single numbers.

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