Casino Slang

What is ‘Casino Slang’?

‘Casino slang’ is a collective term describing the system of words and phrases which have developed within the casino gaming industry, and among casino players. These casino slang phrases include mnemonics, ‘insider’ language, nicknames and general terms. The phrases are generally associated with working in casinos, with playing the games at casinos and with placing bets on casino websites using the internet.

‘Casino Slang’ Explained

If you are new to playing in casinos, you might find the language being used is a little unfamiliar. Like any industry, gambling has its own set of words and phrases which are used by players and by casino staff. This ‘casino slang’ has developed over time, and is often adopted from pop culture references and from common metaphors. Some casino slang is specific to certain countries or regions, while other terms are used all around the world. Casino slang relates closely to rhyming slang, and many phrases are derived from rhyming words, alliterative words and from initials.

‘Casino slang’ refers to the nicknames that develop around gaming, rather than the technical terms and official names. For example, a ‘full house‘ is a poker term meaning ‘triples plus a pair’, while a ‘full boat‘ is a slang term which means the same thing, but which refers to the old casino riverboats of Mississippi and Texas.

Common casino slang terms include ‘pokies‘ for slot machines, a ‘buck‘ for a $100 bet, and a ‘deuce‘ for a two on a dice or card. As well as general casino slang, each game has its own unique language which is used by the players. Poker is a notable example of casino slang in action: players tend to have specific names for certain hands, for the actions and bets made in the game, for the styles of play being used and for the players themselves.