Casino Resort

What is a ‘Casino Resort’?

A casino resort is a paradigm designed for the purpose of attracting a large number of guests by creating an environment full of enchantment.

Furthermore, by creating a spectacular environment through simulations of well-known attractions and locations from around the world, the boundaries between gambling, shopping, entertainment, and travel are removed, which makes it possible for the casino player to bring their family along, and this normalization enables the player to reduce the regret associated with casinos.

‘Casino Resort’ Explained

Casino resorts also create settings in which time has no meaning, and as a result the casino promotes an atmosphere where visitors will spend both more time and money than what is prudent. Additionally, the expenditures on activities peripheral to casinos are increased exponentially.

As casino resorts continue to model their environment after places like Paris, Egypt, New York, and tropical islands, the rationalized settings become romanticized and full of enchantment. The theme of the casino resort environments are additionally carried over into the casino, where the casino staff is required to work in costumes consistent with the theme.

One casino resort has designed their environment to replicate New York City as it was during the first part of the 20th century. Miniatures models of famous New York iconic symbols are all aspects crowded together in a miniature representation of the city.

The smallest details add an additional layer of simulated authenticism, which include things like authentic New York trashcans, manholes, street signs, and graffiti. The result is what appears to be a gigantic movie set of a condensed version of New York City.

Try to imagine if casinos were designed like warehouses, with dimly-lit cavernous buildings encased in plain brick buildings, each one just like the other from the outside. Naturally, these types of casinos would be much less expensive, as well as easier to construct, with all the layers of luxury and extravagence removed.

Players might stop in once or twice, but you have to wonder if any will return over and over again. Considering that many of them travel great distances, and spend a great deal of money, not only while they are at the casino, but in getting there as well. Would the fantasy and hope of winning enormous amounts of money be enough to bring them back time and time again?

Especially with the advent of the internet, online casinos and mobile casinos being so readily available, and literally at their fingertips, the gambler no longer even needs to leave the comfort of home to enjoy the thrill of gambling with real money and the prospect of winning enormous jackpots.

More importantly, would the gambler bring their family along, at an even greater expense, just to visit a casino warehouse? Clearly, the answer is not a chance. Casino visitors demand a spectacular fantasy to escape from reality, and the surefire way of providing it for them is through elaborate simulations and enchanting surroundings.

The success of a casino resort depends on both rationalization and enchantment, because without the former, the huge crowds of visitors could not be efficiently serviced. Without the latter, the visitors would be put off, and therefore highly unlikely to visit with the frequency necessary to support the gambling palaces that dominate places like Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is for this very reason that Las Vegas casinos spend fortunes on elaborate decorations and costumes that now dominate the landscape. It was not very long ago that casinos catered exclusively to gamblers, and now with extravagent casino resorts, the casino draws a wide variety of non-gambling visitors.

Using two large casinos in Las Vegas as examples, both of which combine casinos, theme parks, and casino resorts, this combination is much more dramatic and even spectacular than each one would be on their own.

Most large casinos even provide a shopping mall within its property, therefore the boundaries between gambling and shopping are dissolved, and the only things the two share in common is the large amounts of money visitors continue to spend at both.

Casino resorts also manipulate space to create the illusion of enormous spaces, and exemplify the allure of the large. Once again, Las Vegas tops the list of places where you can find the paradigmatic use of large spaces to lure visitors. The enormity of the settings created in Las Vegas is difficult to describe, with Las Vegas casino resorts being among the largest in the world.

Take a look at the Luxor Casino, that takes the shape od a glass pyramid that is large enough to accommodate 9 Boeing 747 aircraft. Adjacent to the glass pyramid is a sphinx that is even larger than the original sphinx in Egypt. The 1,000 foot observation tower in the Stratosphere touts being the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.

New York, New York provides a 150 foot replica of the Statue of Liberty, and Paris offers a half-scale model of the Eiffel Tower, as well as a full-scale replica of the Arc de Triomphe. All these things say nothing about the huge numbers of guestrooms, gaming tables, and endless rows of slot machines that lay waiting inside the main casino, on the casino floors themselves.

Casino resorts are doing their best to support and foster illusion by providing gamblers and their families with spectacular settings and enchanting surroundings in which to gamble. The spectacular environment that is created is far more exciting that everyday life, which gamblers seem to prefer over the mundane.

Many people prefer to consume as opposed to other everyday activities. Some even suffer from a form of unrestrained self-illusion where the next extravagent purchase promises to make their life live up to the fantasy they have always imagined, however it never actually does, so they continue to move on to the next consumption available.

There is a considerable amount of resort venues that also offer gambling to their guests, in addition to other amentities such as dining, entertainment, shopping, health spas, and more.

Over the past 2 decades, Las Vegas and Macau companies have spent fortunes on their hotels, turning them into casino resorts. With several billions of dollars spent, and yet to be spent on luxury hotels and casinos, and despite the tighter consumer and corporate budgets which have created a negative impact on gambling, leisure activities, and luxury amenity revenues, the gaming industry is certainly a growth sector, and not only a force to be reckoned with, but one to learn from in order to be successful.

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