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Casino Rate

What is a Casino Rate?

A casino rate refers to the discounted cost of a hotel room that is attached to a casino. In effect, they function as a bonus to gamblers who are spending money in the casino. Casino rate hotel rooms are usually 25% to 50% off the usual rate the room would sell for when it’s booked without discounts. To qualify for a casino rate, players must bet a predetermined amount of money - how much depends on the quality of the casino and rooms.

Casino rate explained

Competition between casinos is fierce; they all want big spenders to be gambling in their casino. That’s why most casinos will happily discount their hotel rooms (where they don’t make money) in order to get people playing at their tables and machines (where they do). A casino rate is a step down from a ‘comp room’, which is a free room given to high stake players. While free rooms are fairly hard to come by, casino rate rooms can be acquired without too much difficulty. If you’re planning to gamble in just one casino all day, you will most likely be eligible for a casino rate room, even if you’re only betting small amounts. Think of it as a reward for your loyalty to that casino.It’s important to keep the benefits of a casino rate in perspective. For example, it’s not worth gambling more than you had planned just to get a discounted hotel room. Treat them as bonuses to playing, not the actual prize of playing.If you’re planning to gamble in one casino, make sure you speak to an employee about casino rate rooms, including how much play is needed to get away and the Player's Card you’ll need to keep tabs on how much you're gambling.