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Casino Host

What is a 'Casino Host'?

A Casino Host is a member of staff employed by the casino, whose job it is to ensure that guests are happy and continue to keep gambling. In the large, luxury casinos, a casino host will mainly focus on the 'High-Roller' guests – with the aim of creating relationships with these gamblers and turning them into loyal patrons of the casinos. Along with a Casino Manager, Casino Hosts can provide VIPs and “Big-money” guests with “comps” – or complimentary services, such as free hotel rooms and meals.

'Casino Host' Explained

A Casino Host will work closely with the marketing department of casinos in order to identify those guests and players who are either deemed a “high-roller” or those who the casino believe has the potential to become a “high-roller”. Once identified, it is the job of the Casino Host to make sure that these players have a personalized service with access to everything they require. A good Casino Host will form long-term relationships with the “High-rollers” which will keep them returning and spending money at the casino.Casino Hosts should always provide the highest standard of customer service and one of their most important roles is offering 'comps' or complimentary services and products to the “high-rolling” guests. It is the job of the Casino Host to make sure that guests are correctly “comped” – whether it is a free meal, access to VIP lounges and games or free hotel rooms. This is important as casino hosts are responsible for ensuring that guests do not look elsewhere for better comp services. For example, a casino host will usually have to justify each 'comp' they make to the casino manager, but they would also have to explain if they lost a guest to another casino because they did not receive the correct “comps” for their stature.