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18+. New customers only. Full T&C’s apply.

18+. New customers only. Full T&C’s apply.

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Cherry Gold Casino
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18+. New customers only. Full T&C’s apply.

18+. New customers only. Full T&C’s apply.

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BoVegas Casino
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18+. New customers only. Full T&C’s apply.

18+. New customers only. Full T&C’s apply.

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Big Fish Casino
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18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply.
18+ New Customers Only. Terms & Conditions Apply.
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Casino Experience

What is a Casino Experience?

Your casino experience involves many factors that are paramount, all of which lead to the compelling outcome of whether or not you enjoyed yourself in a completely immersive setting designed with very specific goals.

Your casino experience at a land-based casino is dictated by an interior design based on a working knowledge of the psychology associated with the player’s mind, and it is no accident that the layout encourages you to be happy and make you want to play casino games.

Casino Experience Explained

Although the casino décor varies, it is designed to give off the feeling of affluence and expensive taste, with lush carpeting, richly tiled hallways, and carefully designed lighting that is slightly dimmed to enhance the casino’s mystery and excitement.

Large prizes like expensive automobiles and sports cars are always prominently displayed on rotating carousels or platforms to entice players.

Resort casinos on the Las Vegas strip include multiple luxury hotels and expensive suites, restaurants, and a variety of shops and boutiques. The outside landscape is often decorated with enormous water fountains, expensive lighting, and giant replicas of Egyptian pyramids and erupting volcanoes.

The casinos take quite a few steps in order to keep you content by offering free food and drinks to keep you on the casino floor, and possibly even intoxicated, which greatly increases the house edge.

One of the primary reasons that casinos use chips instead of actual cash is because it makes money an abstract object, causing you to be less concerned with the amount of money you are losing, since it doesn’t feel like real cash.

ATM machines are placed in strategic locations, and all the routes to restrooms or outside are purposely placed so that you will always walk through rows of slot games.

From the perspective of your casino experience, the casino environment is an exciting and fascinating place.

Your casino experience involves having no idea whether it is daytime or night-time, or what the weather is like, because there are no windows to the outside, and your concept of time becomes meaningless because there are no visible clocks, and employees are forbidden from wearing watches.

Your ability to navigate through the casino is intentionally designed to make it difficult for you to find your way out, and the routes to anywhere are like mazes, intentionally guiding you through rows of slots. Traffic is also intentionally bottlenecked in areas to cause traffic congestion and keep you near specific locations throughout the casino floor.

The constant noises like coins spilling into the money troughs, the coins hitting metal, the bells and whistles, slot machines ringing are all there to give you a feeling of hope and excitement, because it leads you to feel like somebody is winning with all those ringing bells.

The loose slot machines, the ones that pay out little amounts more often, are strategically placed in high traffic areas, such as aisles, near change booths, and close to bars and restaurants, so you will see people winning.

Casino are constantly conducting research regarding all aspects of your sensory experience of scents, colors, interior design, and lighting angles to name a few.

The attire of the casino staff also contributes to the atmosphere, and lends to your overall casino experience.

Your casino experience is not passive, as you are given to believe you influence the entire process, and when you feel that you affect the outcome of your entire experience, the feeling of control that begins to develop makes you gamble even longer.

Everything around you happens at regular intervals, in bets being placed, the roll of dice, to cards being dealt, and the spinning of wheels and reels, so there is a constant rhythm happening over and over again, creating a palpable energy where money is on the line, and everyone is engaged and paying attention to the games being played.

In order to make you feel more energetic and awake, some casinos pump oxygen into the main casino area.

There are several ways to let your money go, however one way to get paid cash, and that is at the cashier’s booth. The path leading to the cashier’s booth is heavily armed with rows and rows of slot machines to distract you from your destination.

The Live ‘Casino Experience’ vs. The Online ‘Casino Experience’

For generations, land-based casinos have been exciting and glamorous places to go, where your casino experience might include rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous as you enjoy the thrill of the roulette wheel and the blackjack tables.

Recently, the live casino experience has started to lose its appeal, because many of you are getting your gaming excitement from online casinos. There are more choices available with each passing day, and the advances in technology are taking your casino experience to new heights with even more immersive and interactive games.

Most of the appeal of online casinos is the fact that you can play the games and enjoy the excitement of gambling with real money without ever having to leave the comforts of home, and through advances in mobile technology, there are now mobile casinos available allowing you to play on the go whenever you want, wherever you are on your hand-held mobile devices.

Replicating the glamour and excitement of your live casino experience, with plush surroundings and action unfolding everywhere around you in real time, is the one thing that online casinos continue to struggle with.

Leading online casino software developers are constantly working to change this by introducing even more authentic live casino experiences where you can play in real time with live dealers and croupiers running the games. Additionally, as if to prove to you that these are not computer generated images, you also have the ability to chat with your dealers and croupiers as you play.

Playing at an online casino that creates an authentic casino experience makes it easy to get swept up in the moment, whether you are playing poker, blackjack, roulette, or slots. However, for the moment at least, replicating your live casino experience at an online casino will always have some differences that won’t be easily resolved.

Looking into the future of online gambling, the new emergence of the virtual reality online casino promises to completely transform your online casino experience into a totally immersive experience and the most authentic experience possible, which surely delivers more bad news to land-based casinos everywhere.

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