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Casino Advantage

What is 'Casino Advantage'?

Casino Advantage, sometimes referred to as 'house edge', is the term used to describe the advantage the casino has over the players in any given casino game. Experienced players can usually calculate the casino advantage of the particular game they are playing by working out the payout compared to the true odds . For example, if in a game where the odds on winning were 50-50, a player bet £1 and won £1, that would be the true odds, however if the casino only paid out 95 pence on every winning bet, the house edge would be 2.5%.

'Casino Advantage' Explained

The difference between the true odds payout and the amount the casino actually pays is how the casino gains an advantage over the players. In table games the house edge tends to be smaller but in some slot machines, the casino advantage can be as high as 15%. In keno, the house edge goes as high as 25% meaning that as soon as the players start to play, they are already at a significant disadvantage to the house.Games that have a skill element work a little differently, in blackjack, the house edge is the advantage the casino gains from optimal play. The optimal plays from all of the possible hands is known as 'basic strategy'. Some players try to gain an advantage over the casino by employing card counting techniques, but as long as players stick to the rules, players can expect a good blackjack game to have a house edge below 0.5%, making it one of the best casino games from a player's point of view.With European Roulette (single zero and 36 numbers, half of which are red the other half are black), you can calculate the casino advantage quite simply. If a player bets £1 on black, they have an 18/37 chance of winning, that means that their chances of losing are 19/37, therefore the expected value is 2.7% which is what the casino advantage is in European Roulette. Whilst that might seem small, when you consider the amount of players playing European Roulette during a single day at the casino, the house edge soon adds up.Above all else the casino advantage is a statistical calculation, the calculation is a representation of the advantage that the game gives to the casino. Some players prefer to look at the house edge as the average profit that the casino makes from bets made over an extended period of time or the average losses players would make if they played with large sums if they didn't employ a strategy. Either way, whether the players are playing table games or at the slot machine, they can expect to have to overcome varying degrees of casino advantage if they want to walk out of the casino with a profit.