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Case Bet

What is a 'Case Bet'?

A case bet is when a player places all his or her remaining chips on the table, otherwise known as all-in. There are many reasons why a player may decide to go ‘all-in’ and place a case bet. If you are willing to take a risk and bet a lot, you can win big. However, you can also lose everything. It all depends on whether you are up against a player with better cards, and whether or not they choose to call your bluff. Find out more about a case bet below.

'Case Bet' Explained

If you believe your opponent is one card short from a winning hand or creating a draw, a case bet can be a great way from preventing them from securing the card needed. Decide to go all-in, and your opponent is forced to fight your cards or fold altogether. This strategy works well if you are confident that no other players have a better hand than yours. Paying attention to how other players react to their hand will also help you know when not to go all-in. For example, if you are confident you’ve got the best hand then making a case bet is a solid next move. On the other hand, if you notice that everyone else has folded and the pot is low, then your winnings will be next to nothing.In a game where you are known to play modestly, switching it up and placing all your remaining chips on the table will surprise your opponents. Let’s assume that Player A raised to 600 chips, and Player B went all-in and made a case bet for his or hers remaining 1,200 chips. Player A has two options: to call the all-in or fold. Given your tactic of playing safe, Player A will assume you’re bluffing – allowing you to walk away with the hand as well as a huge load of chips.