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Card Games

What are 'Card Games'?

Card Games is a broad term used to describe any game which revolves around a deck of playing cards. Card games played in casinos or on online gambling websites are any games using playing cards which have wagers, money or items of value placed on them. The most well-known and common casino card games are blackjack and poker, but there are many variants and different types of card games throughout the world.

'Card Games' Explained

The earliest form of playing cards and card games is believed to have originated in Asia, sometime around 1000AD. Despite a large number of card deck designs, the most commonly used is the French Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades format, which is the deck that the major casinos prefer.Blackjack is thought to have been the first comparing card game – in which a player bets against either the dealer or caller – with references to the game as far back as the 17th century. Blackjack is now the most widely played card game in the world, featuring as a main game in almost every casino and with many high profile tournaments.Poker is another highly popular card game, having become commonly played during the Gold Rush period in saloons and now seen in casinos worldwide. Poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, are huge spectator sports and draw thousands of TV viewers to watch them each season. Poker is also frequently played in private – either for exclusive players who stake large amounts of money, or as a popular game amongst groups of friends. Other common casino card games include baccarat, Fan-Tan and Two-up.Online casino card games are increasingly popular, allowing players to take part in games - where the stakes can be as high as those within land-based casinos - in the comfort of their own homes.