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What is a ‘Cap’?

In a game of poker, a cap can take on several meanings and be used in several scenarios. Typically it is used to describe a rule enforced by the casino that limits the amount of bets and raises that can be made in a single round. The casino can also choose to limit the size of the bets and raises. It can also be used to describe the point at which the limit for bets and raises has been reached. Finally, in card games, a cap is a physical item that can be used as a sort of paperweight. Typically a poker chip or another similar item, it is placed on top of a hand to indicate that the player will not be dealt any further cards.

‘Cap’ Explained

When a cap is referring to a rule laid down by the house, it simply means that the amount (or size) of the bets and raises allowed in a single round of poker has been limited.Typically, this limit will be one bet and three raises. This rule, however, is not the standard for all gambling establishments; some casinos will limit the betting at one bet and four raises, while other establishments may choose to not enforce a limit at all.In online casinos, there is usually always a cap. However, some internet poker providers will offer a capped no-limit game, meaning that the number of bets per player will be limited, as opposed to the size of the bets.When a cap is being used to describe a physical item placed on top of a hand of cards, it is recognised as an act of protection. For example, when a player is intending to play a hand and not fold, they would use a small physical item such as poker chip as a cap. This indicates to the dealer and the other plays that the player will play their hand.Another example of using a physical ‘Cap’ during gameplay would be to protect your cards from being accidentally moved, thrown, or otherwise misplaced. Placing a cap on top of a player’s downcards is recognised as a good habit.