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Call Bet

What is a Call Bet?

A call bet is a complicated bet with made at the roulette table by announcing what you wish to bet to the croupier, as opposed to placing a simpler bet yourself. It is far easier to make bets with more complex combinations in this way.The call bet can be placed at the roulette table at both land-based and online casinos, and you are likely to encounter the call bet options if you are playing a premium online casino roulette game, or if you are playing at a land-based casino sitting at a high-stakes roulette table.Call bets are sometimes called a French Bet because they typically have French names.

Call Bet Explained

Concerning a call bet in a land-based casino, you simply announce your call bet to the croupier, who then marks the bet for you.Call bets are illegal in the UK, because they are considered as betting on credit. Therefore most high stake roulette players will make announced bets, which are still called out, however the bettor must have enough funds or chips on the table to cover the bet.Call bets and announced bets function exactly the same, and in both cases the players are calling out bets rather than betting by placing chips on individual spots on the table layout.

Call Bet Types

Voisins du Zero: This basic version of Neighbors of Zero is a 9 chip bet split over 17 numbers between 22 and 25 on the European roulette wheel. Chips are placed on the 22/19, 18/21, 4/7, 12/15, 32/35 splits, the 25/26/28,29 square bet, and the 0/2/3 three number bet.Tiers du Cylindre: This is a 6 chip bet that covers the 12 numbers opposite the 0 on the wheel, between 27 and 33.Orphelins: This consists of the 8 remaining numbers that are not covered by the bets listed above, which is generally a 5 chip bet.Final Bet: This is where you bet on all the numbers ending with the same number. For example, 'Final 4' covers bets on 4/14/24/34, which is a 4 chip bet.Most experienced croupiers, especially those who usually deal with high rollers, know what all the common call bets are, therefore it becomes very simple for you to place complex combination wagers without causing any confusion.In theory, any bet on the table can be a call bet, however it isn't realistic to call your bet on red or a single number, because there is some risk involved of your bet not being accepted. A call bet is only valid if it is accepted or acknowledged by the croupier, therefore the simple bets are ideally made by you placing your bets on the table normally.Call bets are typically the kinds os bets that cover more unusual number patterns, which are a lot more cumbersome for you to place bets without the croupier’s help.You might also come across a high roller bet known as a full complete, or maximum, bet, which maximizes the amount of money that is allowed to be wagered on an individual number by not only placing bets on the number by itself, but on the splits, corners, street, and 6-line best bets that include that number. This type of bet typically costs about 40 chips to complete, and each chip represents the table maximum on the straight bet. But if the number should hit, the prize awarded is 392 chips.