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What is the 'Cage'?

The “Cage” in a casino is the monetary and general administration center of the establishment. The cage, along with the casino vault, is where most of the money in the casino is kept and is where players will pay cash in exchange for chips, tokens or tickets. The cage is also where casino staff known as “cashiers” will carry out credit history or reference checks for players who wish to open credit accounts and balance the books at the end of each shift.

'Cage' Explained

The cage plays a very important role in the day-to-day running of a casino. The cashiers who work in the cage can be responsible for hundreds of thousands - or in the largest casino, sometimes even millions - of dollars. The cage staff work to ensure the flow of money to and from the cage is carried out efficiently and safely, complying with both the house and governing rules and regulations.The main purpose of the cage is to supply customers and players with the chips or tokens they need in order for the casino to make a profit. A casino cage will have a “front-line” window, where cage cashiers will exchange chips for currency in the form of cash, checks (cheques) or sometimes payroll. The cage is also the place where customers with any casino promotional coupons can exchange these.The cage also acts as an information hub for almost every other department in the casino. The cage staff work in unison with teams such as security to make sure the entire casino is running smoothly, and prevent problems or provide solutions when issues with guests do occur.Apart from particularly small casinos, cages are generally "closed" secure areas, in order to protect the money and staff within the cage. Cages are also most often located away from casino exits to deter would-be casino robbers.