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Broomcorn’s Uncle

What is ‘Broomcorn's Uncle’?

'Broomcorn's Uncle' means a player who goes broke at the initial ante, or a player who has such a tight style that they fold on every play and are losing their money to the starting pot each round. A common phrase which uses the term is 'tighter than Broomcorn's Uncle', referring to a gambler using this kind of play style.

‘Broomcorn's Uncle’ Explained

In poker, 'Broomcorn's Uncle' refers to a player who is playing tight and folding before the first play on many rounds, eventually going broke on the ante. It is an old gambling phrase of unknown origins, still heard on the poker circuit today. A player might also try to intimidate an opponent into playing this way, and take advantage of their lost antes to clean up for themselves. The phrase can be used in a wider sense to describe any player with an extremely tight playing style.A player who is 'Broomcorn's Uncle' at the table will often concede the round before play has begun, spending all of their available funds on blinds and antes without ever getting into the game. This is not advised as a strategy if you want to win! Occasionally it might be used by comps hustlers - people who want to maximise time at the table for as little cost as possible, so they can get 'free' drinks, snacks and entertainment for the evening.Players who act as Broomcorn's Uncle may be aware of their style of play and be acting intentionally, or they might just be overly cautious and afraid to lose. The phrase is therefore sometimes used as an insult, meant to lure the player into loosening up - and perhaps making hasty plays in the process. An opponent might goad the opposition into this kind of play, knowing that they may well fold after being drawn into the first round of betting.