Brooklyn Forest

What is ‘Brooklyn Forest’?

The term Brooklyn forest simply refers to the roll of a hard six in a game of craps. This can only be achieved by rolling two threes.

‘Brooklyn Forest’ Explained

As with all casino games and across all betting mediums, there is betting lingo associated with almost every outcome, piece of equipment, or manner of betting. Craps is no exception, with various terms and phrases associated with each roll of the dice, all numerical outcomes, and betting decisions.

Many players will have heard the term “hard six”, “hard eight”, or just about any “hard (even number)”. As is the custom of craps, the roll of a hard six has been given the name of Brooklyn forest.

Other ways of referring to a hard six include sixie from dixie, my sister and sixty days. These can only be used for a hard six. If you roll any other combination to get a six – or “easy six” – the terms you could use include six easy, alien handshake (for a five and a one), and all day (for a two and a four).

All outcomes in craps have colloquial jargon assigned to them. Some more examples of these include, for a hard two, cat’s eyes or two aces, and for a hard four, little Joe or little Joe from Kokomo.

Similarly, for a hard ten, you might declare puppy’s paws or pair of sunflowers, while for a hard twelve, you may hear the expressions midnight or all the spots we got.

Although it doesn’t appear to be known why the title Brooklyn forest has been associated with rolling two threes, some other craps colloquialisms are much easier to explain. For instance, the alien handshake (comprised of a five and a one) may be associated with the amount of fingers the recipient might have, while midnight for a rolled twelve corresponds with the number associated with midnight on a clock.