Broke Money

What is ‘Broke Money’?

Broke money is simply the cash that will be lent by the casino to the gambler to allow him or her to get home or find somewhere to stay. In a sense, it is “transportation money” for the person who has gambled all their money away.

‘Broke Money’ Explained

If a person at a casino has gambled and lost large amounts of their money (or, in some cases, all of their money) throughout the night, they are often defined as broke. This means that they have no money at all.

Therefore, because the casino has likely profited from this person gambling and losing all of their money at their establishment, some casinos will opt to lend broke money to these players. This (probably small) loan of cash will allow the player in this dire situation to book transportation or secure a place to stay for the night. This cash donation will allow them to get by until they can make some more money.

To avoid having to go anywhere near broke money, it is advisable for the player to come up with a good bankroll management strategy. This way, sticking to their own guidelines and setting specific win or loss goals will help them to regulate their gambling activities throughout the night. These personal gambling goals may include only spending a set amount of money, quitting gambling if the risk of going on tilt presents itself, and not pinning all hopes on a winning streak that may or may not happen.

Placing small bets and not taking risks may help to keep you away from ever needing broke money loans.

Interestingly, the term broke money seems only to be used in conjunction with craps, as part of that specific game’s betting lingo. This may be because of the high house edge associated with craps.