Bring Out

What is ‘Bring Out’?

Bring out is a term commonly associated with craps games. It refers to the action of coaxing players to make their bets.

When bettors at craps hear this expression, they know that they must place their bets on whether the shooter will win or lose that round, as well as what they should choose for the point (be it hard six, hard eight, etc).

‘Bring Out’ Explained

The term bring out or bring it out will be used by the stickman at a casino. This person will be a member of casino staff, and it is their job to announce the results of the dice rolls and send them back to the shooter. Saying bring out or bring it out will urge players to make their bets, and ultimately, to produce the point on the dice.

For example, the stickman might declare, “Bet the hard eight, bring it out”. Upon hearing this short phrase, the bettors at the table will know that it is time to weigh up the odds and stake their wagers on one or another outcome, and they must be quick to do so.

If they bet wrong, it means that they have bet on the shooter losing, or rolling a seven before the point. If they bet right, however, it means that the player has chosen to bet on the shooter winning, getting the point before the seven is rolled.

It is important for the stickman to make the bring out or bring it out declaration promptly in order to minimize opportunity for making late bets after the dice have already been rolled. Staking wagers once the shooter has already cast the dice is cheating and the player responsible will be punished.

Therefore, what seems like just a filler phrase while players deliberate and place their bets is a very important declaration in craps; it helps to maintain fairness.