What is a Bracelet?

A bracelet is a prize awarded to winners of World Series of Poker events. Bracelets are usually made from gold or platinum, and can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. They are often more desirable to players than a cash prize, because the bracelets are a status symbol among professional players. ‘Bracelet’ is also another word for ‘championship’ in this sense, and players who won WSOP events before the bracelets were issued are still described as having won one or more bracelets.

Bracelet Explained

Poker bracelets are issued as prizes to World Series of Poker players who win their individual events, along with or instead of a cash prize. They are high value jewelry pieces featuring precious metals and gemstones, often worth $50,000 or more. Not only are they valuable, they are also extremely coveted as they act as a status symbol among many elite players. Some players have sold their bracelets, with one raising $147,500 for charity at auction. Others treat them as prized assets and have insured them for policies worth millions of dollars.

More than 1,100 official WSOP bracelets have been awarded to players since they were introduced in 1976, and poker pro Phil Hellmuth has picked up 16 over his career. Players who won WSOP events before 1976 are still described as having bracelets, although they will have received a trophy and/or cash prize instead. While bracelets were traditionally won at WSOP events within the US, extension of the tournament franchise has led to international bracelet winners in a number of nations.

In WSOP Circuit events, which are less prestigious as the main tournament events, players are usually awarded rings instead of bracelets when they win. However, there have been some occasions where bracelets were awarded to WSOP Circuit winners.

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