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Bonus Hunting

What is Bonus Hunting?

Bonus hunting is the term applied to the actions of players who use online casino bonuses as a form of advantage play. Many online casinos and betting facilities offer free bets and account funds as 'welcome bonuses' for new players, and also offer additional freebies and extras for loyal players. Bonus hunting is the act of searching for different sites offering these bonuses, playing the bonuses off against each other, and searching for the best possible return on any bonuses achieved.

Bonus Hunting Explained

If a player engages in 'bonus hunting', they are using the free bets, spins and account funds offered by many casinos as a welcome incentive to turn a guaranteed profit for themselves. Bonus hunting is often combined with betting strategies to achieve the maximum possible payout. The term 'bonus hunting' is also applied to those players who are not trying to outdo the system and beat the house, but who simply like to find new casino deals and get the funds and comps offered to them.Bonus hunting is a legitimate method of advantage play that uses loopholes surrounding the deposit bonuses you can get from online casinos. These 'free' playing funds are usually restricted - players have to choose the high-edge games and play their bonuses through before they can withdraw any funds from that account. Bonus hunters use pre-planned strategies to get around these rules - opting for the most likely bets on a high-edge game to meet those requirements while creating the largest chance of a profit. Any player found using multiple accounts for the purposes of bonus hunting is likely to be banned from those venues.In sports betting, players often take two bonus bets at separate bookmakers, choosing each competitor in a two-way tie. Any win is guaranteed to cancel out the opposing loss - ensuring the player gets to keep some of their free cash to use in another bet. That bet can be used against another free bet at a different bookmaker - again ensuring a profit is achieved. Over time, the player can build up a substantial profit using bonus hunting methods.View the best casinos for bonuses.