What is a Bonus?

A bonus is an extra sum of money, prize or something of value which is offered to players in return for a certain action, such as signing up to a particular online gaming website or betting a minimum sum of money. Bonuses are mainly used by casinos and online gambling websites in order to attract new customers and to keep existing customers returning to their site.

Bonus Explained

Bonuses can be offered by gambling institutions and online sites in a variety of different forms. The most common types of betting bonuses are sign-up bonuses, loyalty bonuses and “reload” bonuses.

A sign-up bonus is often used by casinos or gambling websites in order to bring in new customers. Also called a “welcome bonus”, these can be found on almost every gambling website. The sign-up bonus is offered to new members and usually requires the new player to deposit an initial amount of money. While there are some websites that offer a “no deposit” fixed amount sign up bonus, most websites will give players a welcome bonus based on a percentage of the new member’s initial deposit. New players can only claim this sign-up bonus once, but many players sign up across a number of websites in order to receive as many welcome bonuses as possible.

Loyalty bonuses are commonplace among online gambling sites. These bonuses reward frequent users – with the aim being to encourage members to gamble more. With a loyalty bonus, the more you play, the more you will receive. Although most loyalty bonuses are cash rewards, directly deposited into a member’s account, some websites also offer bonuses such as tickets or discounts at events.

A reload bonus rewards members who are past the initial sign-up bonus stage by giving them a percentage of credits or money that they reload into their account. These bonuses differ from a sign-up bonus as they can be claimed more than once.

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